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Massage Services At QBL

Step into a world of tranquility, and let the Queens Beauty Lounge team pamper you like royalty.

Choose from a 45 min or 60 min massage, and benefit from a choice of oils that you can use to customize your massage treatment.

We use Saffron Oil and the locally-produced organic oil from Shirley Conlon Organics, in addition to regular oil to enhance your massage experience.



  • Detox / Deep Tissue Massage AED 250 - AED 300

    Our detoxifying deep tissue massage treats stiff, painful trouble spots around your body and stimulates blood circulation. Choose between regular oil, SCO oil or Saffron Oil. Available in 45 min or 60 min duration. 

  • Quick Fix Massages AED 50 - AED 100

    Choose from our selection of basic massages that include Full Back Massage, Head Neck & Shoulder Massage, Feet Massage, Hand Massage and Face Massage.

  • Relax & De-stress / Swedish Massage AED 250 - AED 300

    A relaxing massage that relieves cramps, tense muscles and stress. Choose between regular oil, SCO oil or Saffron Oil. Available in 45 min or 60 min duration.

  • Relax & De-Stress with Hot Stone AED 400 - AED 425

    The perfect massage to ease muscle stiffness and stimulate the body’s natural metabolic system while melting away tension. Choose between regular oil, SCO oil or Saffron Oil.

  • Slimming Massage with Sauna AED 250 - AED 275

    A perfect treatment to eliminate toxins from the body, while also targeting excess fluid retention and cellulite. Choose between regular oil or SCO oil. 

  • Massage with Slimming Oil AED 210 - AED 230

    This massage breaks down cellulite and aids with eliminating toxins and excess fluid retention in the body. Choose between regular oil, SCO oil. 

  • Tummy Tuck AED 210 - AED 230

    A tummy specific cellulite reduction treatment that uses pressure techniques to eliminate dimpling around the abdomen area. Choose between regular oil or SCO oil.


"I got my nails done at Queens Beauty Lounge. It was the Shellac Gel Manicure and I loved it. Orchid did my nails here and she’s amazing"

Abby, Rock And Runway

"I just had my SCO Hydration Facial done. I’m super, super happy with the glow. A big shout out to Tulip, who is the best possible facial masseuse that I’ve ever come across. I look forward to coming back here again!"

Jill, Beauty Blog Middle East

"It’s my first time visiting Queens Beauty Lounge. I tried Gelish nail polish and it really looks nice, and I’m very happy with Rose, who did my nails, and I had a very positive experience. "

Rita, Founder of Lifestyle Blog

"I got my hair curled from the bottom, and it’s super shiny because they used all natural products. My hair stylist Erica was absolutely awesome, she’s Italian so she’s partly where I’m from. I had a really amazing experience and everyone was really accommodating. "


"We just got the Organic Facial done at Queens Beauty Lounge, and our skin feels so good! So beautiful, supple and soft - we definitely recommend coming here for a facial. "

"I came to Queens Beauty Lounge for a curly blowdry and Erica did a fantastic job, it’s just how I like it!"

"Today I had my first visit to Queens Beauty Lounge and I tried the Hydracool Facial. It was an amazing experience, I’ll definitely come back again. I’m very impressed - I go to many salons in Dubai and I’ve done many facials but this is one of the best I’ve ever been to!"

Louisa, Blogger


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