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Top 3 Hair Treatments for a Frizz-Free Summer in Dubai.

Let’s face it – it’s almost impossible to get through a Dubai summer with frizz-free hair. That’s why it’s pretty much a necessity to get a hair treatment that will keep your hair manageable, and prevent it from looking like a fried hot mess.

Apart from just suffering from extremely frizzy hair, direct exposure to heat from the sunlight damages the overall health of your hair too.

UV rays harm the molecular structure of hair, making them dry, damaged and colorless.

And, once again, the frizz…

The good news is you can definitely prevent this.

Here are our top 3 hair treatments for frizzy hair during the summer:

Keratin Treatment
A traditional keratin treatment involves saturating your hair for 20 minutes in a solution that basically coats each strand like armor, before you blow-dry it and methodically flat-iron it. The entire process, when done correctly, will straighten out your hair texture and completely eliminate frizz for up to three months.
Starting from AED 1,000
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L’oreal ProFiber Treatment
Here at Queen’s Beauty Salon in JLT, one of our client favorites is the L’oreal ProFiber hair treatment. This treatment reconstructs the hair and reverses the molecular level damage caused by the harsh sun in Dubai.
Starting from AED 200
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Nashi Argan Deep Infusion Mask Treatment
A natural and organic option is our deep hydration treatment. It provides intense moisture to combat the dehydration caused by the sun, thus helping to keep frizz under control and give your hair a well-maintained and conditioned look.
Starting from AED 200
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If you’re not sure of what hair treatment to choose, you can speak to our hair therapists as well. Get in touch on +971 4 421 426 or +971 4 427 9689.


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